Forever Star India is Recognized as one of the biggest Platforms in India to host beauty pageants

According to the Founder Rajesh Agarwal, the main objectives of holding an international beauty pageant are to inspire women worldwide and encourage them to reveal their undiscovered abilities on a global scale.

Mar 11, 2023 - 01:35
Forever Star India is Recognized as one of the biggest Platforms in India to host beauty pageants
Forever Star India is Recognized as one of the biggest Platforms in India to host beauty pageants

One of the biggest platforms created exclusively for girls who struggle to find the ideal platform for showcasing their talents is FSIA, also known as Forever Star India. Recently, the platform was acknowledged as the largest platform to host national and international beauty pageants.

According to the Founder Rajesh Agarwal, the main objectives of holding an international beauty pageant are to inspire women worldwide and encourage them to reveal their undiscovered abilities on a global scale.

He went on to say, "The event's major goal is to encourage the women, improve their confidence, and allow them to demonstrate the qualities that would later assist them in achieving the best place in the world of entertainment."

Many young women with hidden abilities are unaware of the appropriate platforms to share their gifts with the world. Forever Star India is for them always! It provides the girls with a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the entire country via a digital platform called the FSIA App! Also, the site features a YouTube channel where it celebrates the brilliance of women who wish to pursue extraordinary careers in the always-changing world of entertainment and fashion.

Success Story

Forever Star India presents Miss India’s last season 2 has done with a grand success. In the very first season, 350+ crowning’s of city level and national level was organized at hotel Marriot Jaipur.

A world record was set at the city level of the second season with 250+ crowning’s from all over India. The most unusual aspect of all was that this city level winner had never before celebrated their victory with family and friends live on YouTube and FSIA OTT from their house.

Another world record was set when 160 state and national winners were announced at a grand gala event hosted at the Marriott.



The CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, explained the reason for starting it. He claimed in his statement that the platform had been created to promote women's empowerment. Currently, the platform has one of the largest communities in the awards, beauty pageant, and fashion industries.

Rajesh Agrawal, the company's CEO, added, "We originally operated a website, but we have triumphed in the OTT Platform and an App." The journey that started in India now has spread its roots across the globe. From this year, the platform will also give awards for films, web series, and music albums. I am happy that FSIA franchises will be offered in 139 different nations.


Jaya Chauhan and Khushi Saboo, two proud directors, praised the FSIA platform by saying, 'The organization effectively works on new concepts every day. This year the show is being planned with very new unique ideas.

The number of registrations for our beauty pageants and awards has been phenomenal. We take great pride in claiming that FSIA is the only and largest platform in the world that provides an opportunity to show case their untapped creative potential and hone their skills by working with FSIA. We are pleased to inform you that around 25–30 members of the winners and awardees from the last year have been offered the chance to join the FSIA team.'

Let us know about the various & vivacious projects of FSIA and its work process…

Project – Forever Miss/Mrs. India 2023

The registration period for Miss India and Mrs. India 2023 titles officially began on January 2023. In its previous two seasons, this beauty contest smashed numerous records and attracted attention from numerous states and cities. With international contestants now being allowed to compete alongside local, state, and national contestants, the pageant is poised to shatter stereotypes and create new records.

Project – Miss Teen India 2023

Girls under the age of 18 are allowed to participate and show off their skills in this special beauty contest. Those who are under the age of 18 may audition from home. The key draw of this platform is the fact that in addition to the training or grooming sessions, participants may also attend the exclusive crowning event on this platform. The website has a YouTube channel and streams live content on an OTT platform. The platform's big attraction is the World Miss Teen India title, which is in addition to the Miss Teen India pageant.

Project – Super Women/ Heroes Award

This project has already received awards in more than 70 different categories. As soon as season 4 registration opened, it garnered a massive response from all around India. This award ceremony is very distinctive from others because it is the only platform that offers two alternatives for nominations: "Nominations for Title" and "Nominations for Awards." The participants receive the highest Google rankings, and the live event is one of these awards' special highlights. Also, the platform is the first and only one to offer lifetime memberships to its users on OTT, community, and social networking platforms.

Project - FSIA Award

Though Forever Star India is recognized for conducting national awards shows, it has now achieved a name in the international fraternity as well. For International FSIA Awards, the platform is receiving huge responses for nominations across the world. The platform is creating its name and winning the hearts of millions globally.

Project – Miss FSIA/ Mrs. FSIA

The competition is unique on a global scale because it was the first worldwide beauty pageant, beginning in India in 2022, and this year, more than 139 nations registered to compete. The website and app were overloaded with participant and franchise forms once registration opened. The event planners have chosen to host Finale, and Grand Finale shows this year, where many stunning faces from around the world will ramp walk and display their abilities. The shows will be streamed live on OTT platforms like YouTube.

Google Ranking

Every participant is ranked top on the social media through Google ranking system that benefits in reaching them to every corner of world. Regarding the Google ranking system, the FSIA is the only platform that gives its participants, winners, and influential personalities from the fashion industry a higher ranking. Every member receives the greatest highlight with the most commonly used keywords, allowing them to stay on top and assisting in the identification of their work cultures.


 The FSIA App is the special attraction of this platform. All the shows are live streamed on this app as well as on the YouTube channel. The team also provides each candidate separate access to social media platforms so that they can get connected with the audiences as well as share their experiences and achievements with them.

Let us tell you that this is worlds first app where all the shows are not only live streamed but a unique social media community platform is created for all the beauty pageants.


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