Dive into Empowerment with Nikitaa's Latest Release: 'Godless'

This release promises a captivating blend of storytelling that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Mar 15, 2024 - 16:43

Nikitaa drops her latest track, "Godless," produced, mixed, and written by Nikitaa themself, is out now on all major platforms. This incredible track, co-written with the talented Londin Thompson, is a powerful tribute to letting go of toxic relationships and embracing self-worth.

In 'Godless,' Nikitaa fearlessly shares her stories, weaving a narrative that resonates with each person who has dared to walk away from manipulation.  Produced, mixed, and mastered by Nikitaa herself, 'Godless' maintains its thematic integrity with the infusion of choral and orchestral elements, transforming it into a true power pop ballad. The song encourages listeners to choose self-empowerment over blind faith and is a testament to resilience.

This release promises a captivating blend of storytelling that will surely leave a lasting impression. "Godless" is more than just a song; it's an anthem of strength and joy over just discovering independence.

Song Credits:

Writers: Nikita Mehta,Londin Thompson

Producer: Nikita Mehta

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Nikita Mehta

Performed by: Nikitaa

About Nikitaa

Nikitaa, a well-known artist, has made an identity for herself with her own Goddess Pop sound—a blend of dreamy Pop/RnB and South Asian roots. With the success of her previous lockdown releases and the award-winning song "Majesty," Nikitaa became well-known across the world and became an influential figure in the music industry. Her duo with Flyana Boss on "Boomerang" made waves in 2021, and in 2023, hits like "Scheming" and "Throne" garnered recognition from esteemed platforms like Rolling Stone India and Ones To Watch.

Through her music, Nikitaa defies expectations and expands the parameters of modern pop music, creating an exciting journey that skillfully balances strength and sensitivity.

An exciting new chapter in Nikitaa's remarkable career is about to unfold with the release of "Godless." Join Nikitaa on her journey as she continues to inspire and push artistic boundaries with her unique combination of musical genres. Both fans and music enthusiasts are welcome.

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