World Earth Day: Celebrities talk about measures to help conserve the earth

Apr 22, 2023 - 23:16
World Earth Day: Celebrities talk about measures to help conserve the earth
World Earth Day: Celebrities talk about measures to help conserve the earth

From not wasting water to using electric cars, celebrities share the steps they take in saving mother earth.

Mohit Malhotra 
We need to start making investments to protect the climate for the future. I once read that when the well is dry, we realise the value of water. So, before things get out of hand, we should take action. You are doing good deeds each time you carry out these simple duties. We are all aware of a variety of environmental issues that the world is now experiencing, with a lack of plants serving as one of the biggest causes of rising global temperatures. Planting and caring for trees is very important. I urge people to plant more trees, save water and take necessary actions that help deal with the environmental issues and ensure a better future for ourselves.

Rishina Kandhari 
I believe that environmentally friendly vehicles will soon become a need rather than a choice. I personally drive an electric vehicle, which saves on petrol and reduces pollution. Earth Day should inspire us to pause and consider what we are doing to improve the sustainability, health, and happiness of our world.

Balraj Syal
As we all know, global warming has grown to be a serious issue. We must take all necessary measures to save our mother Earth. Let's plant more trees since having greenery around us is important. I enjoy strolling around gardens, and the energy that we perceive from plants is refreshing. Connecting with nature is crucial; failing to do so presents quite real danger. We should keep some potted plants in our gardens and rooms, and we shouldn't spit or leave trash lying around. People that act in such a way and are unaware of the consequences don't even bother. The most significant task is conserving our resources. Water should be saved. 

Simaran Kaur 
For us, protecting the environment is more than just a duty. I believe that one may gradually inculcate environmentally responsible practices in order to save our home. You may make a great difference by doing something as simple as planting a tree or as radical as giving up your automobile and walking to your destination. As for me, if I'm not in a room, I never leave the lights or fans on. I've also given up using plastic. I don't purchase new plastic containers; instead, I recycle my old ones. In fact, I always bring my cotton or jute bag when I go food shopping and advise my loved ones to do the same.

Monika Singh 
The three basic things that we all must follow in our daily lives to conserve our environment are reduce, reuse and recycle. My personal initiative towards environmental conservation is reducing my carbon footprint by using public transportation or cycling, instead of driving a car, wherever possible. Awareness campaigns work as they help in educating people about environmental issues and motivate them to take action towards conservation. To save the planet, we need to take a holistic approach towards environmental conservation. This includes reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy sources, protecting wildlife and their habitats, and reducing our dependence on single-use plastics. Governments, individuals and companies need to work together towards achieving sustainable solutions. Additionally, we also need to educate and create awareness amongst people on the importance of environmental conservation to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Gaurav Singh 
I am a nature-loving person. I love plants in general. My home is full of plants and flowers and every year the number is only growing. I look after them like my babies and maybe this is a small way I am contributing.  I don’t use single-use plastics, switch off the electricity when it isn’t required, and avoid water wastage. Awareness campaigns really work in helping people understand their role. It may not have an instant impact but it will definitely bring about a change in years to come. Change starts from self. It’s important that we take measures and encourage our family members to do so.

Karishma Raj Soni 
Protecting the environment absolutely requires a preservation of natural resources. I also water my indoor plants with the same water that I use to wash my vegetables since I feel that tiny actions may have a big impact. I feel that ecologically friendly automobiles will soon stop being a choice and turn into a necessity. On this day, I would like to request all of my admirers to conserve water and save lives. Earth Day should inspire us to take a moment to think about what we are doing to improve the environmental health and health of our world.

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